Smart grid technology is going to revolutionize the transport and the energy industry. This technology is currently under a pilot test in 300 homes where the electric cars are charged when the grid is less occupied, and the electric vehicle delivers the energy in their batteries to the grid to meet the high demand.

The CEO of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Darren Miller, explained that these vehicles’ current price changes would be advantageous to the grid operators and EV owners. Although the upfront costs of these vehicles are high, the benefits that coke with it are innumerable. Some of them include less maintenance and replacement of critical components compared to the ICE cars.

A specific number of electric vehicle owners in Queensland, Victoria, and NSW are participating in a trial test to prove this technology’s efficiency. This test is under AGL and ARENA’s provisions, whose intention is to attract the market with this innovative technology.

Miller explained that electric vehicles minimize electricity expenses since they accelerate the development of renewable energy resources and bring in profits, making their purchase prices more affordable for consumers.

The integration of the batteries in electric vehicles with the charging stations to the grid allows the grid operators to drain them and use the energy to meet the peak energy demands. Additionally, this smart technology helps keep the batteries in shape since they take their time to fill up when the grid is not preoccupied with numerous demands.

AGL’s Virtual Power Plan program that will be testing this technology will begin operations next year. The teams have started unveiling renewable energy technology that will be powering the electric vehicle batteries before this energy is supplied to the grids for consumption. The technicians are evaluating the technology that will store renewable energy and supply it to the consumers when the need arises.

Pioneers of electric vehicles are advising the government to put stringent measures against ICE cars’ development to motivate customers and car manufacturers to switch to this noble technology. The government is introducing various incentives and subsidies on electric vehicles to make them affordable and accelerate their uptake by consumers. Additionally, more policies are developed to support the research and development centers for these vehicles to speed up the transportation industry’s alignment in this direction before the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

To conclude, the integration of battery technology with renewables will prepare the two industries for an inevitable change that will boost the nation’s climatic conditions. While consumers will be enjoying the vehicles’ low costs, they will also be saving on the expenses of running the pollutive cars.

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