EV integration forms a significant portion of the environmental restoration equation. Electric vehicles form a crucial part of sustainable energy solutions. However, it is essential to realize that they cannot offer a full package in environmental restoration. Electric vehicles are a small portion of a systematic system working towards minimizing carbon emissions.  To achieve significant gains in reducing climate change, there is an inherent need to adopt sustainable energy systems universally.

A highly integrated green energy system has significant benefits to the economy and the environment as well. Experts propose that a £6 billion investment in establishing countrywide EV charging infrastructure.  Having a sustainability-focused infrastructure has the potential of generating £12 billion worth of savings from improved quality of air 

This example shows that fighting climate change is a universal effort that gains from input from all renewable energy sectors. There is a rising need to see each player’s goals in the economy as a building block to achieving better results. Renewable energy has the potential for sustainable growth and development. Together all industry players are improving the environment, health standards, and sustainability.

China’s green energy prospects show that the country can reduce operating costs by 11% if it decides to adopt renewable energy. However, this mind-set is dependent on getting the respective industries to work together towards achieving a common goal. 

This is the reason for the formation of the World Economic Forum Electricity Industry Action Group (EIAG).  The group focuses on educating the industry players on how each development in their respective fields contributes towards providing value in the whole industry.  This system works through an in -house program developed by the group called System Volume. The program works by considering each decision’s effects by individual players of the economy working together towards generating a wholesome change in renewable energy development.

The group works towards establishing a unified policy system by showing the impacts each institution holds. It also helps provide guidelines for necessary action in line with high priority objectives while side-lining decisions not important to achieve the desired goals. 

The group also recognizes that electric vehicles are a significant contributor to the clean energy revolution. This realization is because of electric vehicles’ capacity to reduce carbon emissions and limit greenhouse gas production. The EIAG focuses on developing a comprehensive outlook for the clean energy revolution helping key activity player’s work together to make a considerable change to the environment.

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