Global Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market: Snapshot

Nucleating agents imply the chemicals that enhance the crystallization of polymers that are originally semi-crystalline. They are commonly used as additives to semi-crystalline polymers and function by providing a surface of heterogeneous nature for a melted polymer. This allows for the entire process of crystallization to be altered using thermodynamic procedures. Using nucleating agents, the polymer can be crystallized from its melted form at a higher temperature, while additionally enhancing the rate of crystallization and nucleation. The commonly used nucleating agents provide the additional advantage of forming crystals that are smaller and with a higher number of spherules. This makes the polymer a higher heat deflection temperature and a better ration between stress and flexural deformation.

Clarifying agents are utilized for the removal of suspended solid particles from a given liquid through a process known as flocculation. This is where the solids start to gather together and form flakes that eventually precipitate or settle to the bottom, making them easier to be removed. Some of the more common clarifying agents used across many industries include alum, calcium hydroxide, aluminum sulfate, and polyacrylamide. Natural chemicals such as gelatin and chitosan are also commonly used as flocculants. Clarifiers as additives can allow for the manufacturing of highly transparent materials. Clarified polypropylene, for instance, is increasingly being used as a cheaper and more feasible alternative to naturally transparent polymers.

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Global Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market: Overview

The global nucleating and clarifying agents market is forecast to exhibit a strong growth between 2017 and 2025. Growth witnessed in the market will be driven by the increasing demand for rigid packaging in the food and beverages sector. Also the market as per experts will benefit from the extensive use of nucleating and clarifying agents for reducing the time taken during polymer processing. This trend are projected to catalyze the demand for nucleating and clarifying agents market as reduced production time helps boost its pace, thereby ensuring better efficacy in polymer production for various applications.

Based on polymer, the market is currently witnessing significantly high demand for polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and polyethylene (PE) among others. The demand mostly originates from consumer products, packaging, and automotive industries, which also constitute the key market segments based on application. Of these, since nucleating agents are most required during packaging to minimize the risk of damages during transportation, the demand from the packaging industry is expected to be significantly high.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the global nucleating and clarifying agents market, covering the growth drivers and restraints influencing its trajectory. It also identifies the opportunities that the market players can gain from over the course of the forecast period. Exhaustive information included in the report is thus aimed at providing an executive-level blueprint of the global nucleating and clarifying agents market.

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Global Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market: Trends and Opportunities

The extensive use of various types of polymers such as PET, PE, and PP in day-to-day applications, will enable the global nucleating and clarifying agents market spawn into a multi-billion dollar industry by the end of 2025. Besides this, rapid growth witnessed in the industrial sector across Brazil, India, and Mexico. As these countries also demonstrate a large presence of converters, plastic manufacturers, and compounders, the demand for nucleating and clarifying agent is expected to remain high for better productivity. Nucleating agents help in reducing the cycle time taken for processing polymers, this in turn helps increasing the rate of production. Spurred by these factors the demand for nucleating and clarifying agents is expected to increase at a robust pace in the coming years.

Global Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, Asia Pacific is forecast to exhibit the most lucrative opportunities for the nucleating and clarifying agents market. The per capita consumption of plastic has significantly risen in the region, which in turn is expected to create the demand for nucleating agents, use to catalyze the production rate of different polymers. Besides this, the market is also expected to gain from the rising disposable income of consumers in this region. Due to their higher affordability, the demand for electronics, furniture, household items, and others has increased considerably. This in turn will gain traction to the nucleating and clarifying agents market in Asia Pacific.

Global Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market: Vendor Landscape

A detailed assessment of the competitive landscape is provided in the report, to help readers gauge the impact of the recent business policies on the overall market. This section therefore covers profiles of some of the leading market players, their product portfolio, recent mergers and acquisitions, and market strategies. Valuable data is also sourced from their financial records. To identify their strengths and weaknesses SWOT analysis is conducted. This also presents insights into the opportunities and threats that the market players may face during the forecast period.

Some of the most prominent companies operating in the market are Milliken & Company, Adeka Corporation, Imerys – French Limited Liability Company, and Clariant AG.

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