Global Sodium Percarbonate Market: Overview

Over the past 10 years, the chemical industry has increasingly preferred percarbonates over perborate in formulations for laundry detergents and range of industrial laundry detergents. The contours of the evolving sodium percarbonate market are shaped by the dynamic impact of this demand. Apart from this, sodium percarbonate is used in a range of consumer product applications. The chemical is a robust source of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical known for its microbial properties. They are thus a solid source of formulations that are expected to show biocide properties in various end-use industries and well known as bleaching agents. Strides made in manufacturing and consumption of eco-friendly powder detergents world over have helped in the steady evolution of the sodium percarbonate market.

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Key end-use industries of the sodium percarbonate are household and industrial cleaning products, textile industry, food industry, and papermaking industry. Over the past few years, the adoption of industrial hygiene practices has helped in reducing the exposure risks, thereby favoring the evolution of the sodium percarbonate market. Consumers have also become aware of the health information of consumers containing sodium percarbonate market.

Global Sodium Percarbonate Market: Growth Dynamics

The global sodium percarbonate market is driven by the use of the compound in a wide range of formulations used for cleaning and bleaching. Growing sales of cleaning commercial products that contain the formulations are boosting revenue generation in the market. Owing to the outstanding stain removal and deodorizing capabilities sodium percarbonate shows, its utilization as a bleaching agent in heavy-duty laundry detergents has risen. A case in point is in carpet cleaning. The need for formulating compounds that are environmentally benign on fabric has expanded the prospective demands in the sodium percarbonate market. Emerging fashion trends have reinforced the demand for variety of fabrics, which in turn, is bolstering the uptake in end-use industry.

A growing number of animal toxicity studies has augmented the safety profile of sodium percarbonates, thus boosting the sodium percarbonate market. A growing understanding of the health information of sodium percarbonate has helped boost the demands in consumer applications. The search for eco-friendly formulations has been intensified in recent research and development activities undertaken by chemical companies.

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Global Sodium Percarbonate Market: Notable Developments

Retail companies in end-use industries, notably paints and coating industry, have seen the consumer demands for formulations that can clear away hard-to-get-rid of obstinate stains. They have also been able to meet the criterion of biodegradability so as not affect the plants or soil in the environment. Over the years, developed nations have witnessed the growing availability of such formulations online. This has expanded the prospects in the sodium percarbonate market.

Strict regulations regarding the environmental effect of industrial cleaning products have led chemical companies in the sodium percarbonate market to come out with novel formulations. Businesses in commercial cleaning services are trying to source pure sodium percarbonates at cost-effective rates.

Some of the prominent names in the sodium percarbonate market are Solvay S.A., Evonik Industries, OCI Peroxygens, Kemira Oyj, Wuxi Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd., and JINKE Company Limited.

Global Sodium Percarbonate Market: Regional Assessment

Regionally, Europe is expected to rise at a rapid growth rate in the sodium percarbonate market. Extensive utilization of percarbonates in textile and household cleaning applications in numerous countries of the region are propelling revenue generation of the regional market. On the other hand, Asia Pacific has been contributing revenue generation to the in the sodium percarbonate market at rapid pace. The growth is driven by the rapidly rising demand for the compound in industrial cleaning applications in numerous industrialized nations. The global sodium percarbonate market is driven by growing uptake in the Middle East and Latin America.

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