Global Fiberglass Fabric Market: Snapshot

The rising demand from diverse industries will create lucrative growth prospects for the global fiberglass fabric market. In the coming years the demand for fiberglass fabric is expected to rise in industries such as transportation, construction, wind energy, electrical and electronics, and marine industry.

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Currently a wide variety of fiberglass fabrics is available in the market. However, they can be categorized into premium special purpose fibers and low cost general purpose fibers. Among products available in the latter category, the fiberglass fabric market is expected to witness significantly rising demand for E-glass fibers. These fibers have a high strength and ensures improved chemical and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, e-glass fibers are heat resistance and are available in economic prices as compared to glass fabrics in the special purpose category. The increasing knowledge about its attributes will fuel the demand for e-glass fiber in the coming years. The demand for special purpose fibers is likely to rise as well. These fibers offer several mechanical and physical qualities, which will fuel their demand in the coming years.

A key point to consider here is that, fiberglass fabric is manufactured like any other fabric either in a woven or non-woven form. Furthermore, these fabric can be woven in myriad patterns such as basket weave, plain weave, twill weave, and complicated weaves.

Fiberglass fabric is increasingly used in defense and aerospace applications. They are used in manufacturing various cabins structures such as luggage bins, bulkheads, seats, and wall panels. They are also used in honeycomb structures. Furthermore, the increasing application in electrical and electronics industry in printed circuit boards, switches, cable generators, and transformers, besides several others will give significant impetus to the global fiberglass fabric market.

Global Fiberglass Fabric Market: Overview

The demand within the global market for fiberglass fabric has been rising on account of the utility served by these fabrics across multiple industries. There are mainly two categories of glass fibers, one being the special fibers with premium quality, and the other is the general fiber which is more popularly used across industries. Special purpose fibers are better in quality as they contain ECR-glass, S-glass, silica fibers, S-glass, hollow fibers, and trilobal fibers. Despite the enhanced quality of special-purpose fibers, the demand for e-glass fibersis higher because they endow chemical and corrosion resistance, high strength, and heat resistance. The mechanical and physical properties of fiberglass are amongst the key reasons behind the growth of the global market for fiberglass fabric. Several research organisations have been focusing on finding the uses of fiberglass in various industrial domains, and this is projected to further escalate demand within the global market for fiberglass fabrics.

The global market for fiberglass fabric may be segmented on the basis of the following parameters: application, end-use industry, and region. It is important to analyse the dynamics of each segment in order to get a peek into the global market for fiberglass fabric.

A report on the global market for fiberglass fabric throws light on several key factors that have aided the growth of this market. Furthermore, the report provides a point of reference to understand the trends, opportunities, restraints, and geographical dynamics of the global market for fiberglass fabric.

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Global Fiberglass Fabric Market: Key Trends and Opportunities

The demand within the global market for fiberglass fabric has been escalating on account of the useful properties of such fabrics. These fabrics come in woven as well as non-woven forms, and this enhanced the growth prospects of the global market for fiberglass fabrics. Some of the popular patterns in which fiberglass fabrics are woven are leno weave, plain weave, satin weave, basket weave, and unidirectional weave. Twill weave is amongst the more complicated patterns of fiberglass fabrics but the demand for these patterns is also quite high.

The use of fiberglass fabric in the defence and aerospace industry for making covers of seats, bins, luggage bins, honeycomb structures, and bulkheads is very common. For this reason, the growth of the aerospace industry has also given an impetus to the expansion of the global market for fiberglass fabric. Furthermore, the use of fiberglass fabric in cables, transformers, printed circuit boards, switches, and generators across the electronics industry has also created demand within the global market for these fabrics. Besides this, the manufacture of rotor blades also unloved the use of fiberglass fabrics due to their light weight.

Global Fiberglass Fabric Market: Regional Outlook

The demand within the market for fiberglass fabric in Asia Pacific has been rising at a robust rate, majorly due to changes in the industrial sector across India and China. Furthermore, the end-use industries for fiberglass fabrics in these countries have also gathered momentum over the past decade. This is also projected to give s strong push to the growth of the global market for fiberglass fabric in recent times.

Global Fiberglass Fabric Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players in the global market for fiberglass fabric are Hexcel Corporation and Owens Corning, and they are engaged in growing their market shares.

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