Global Industrial Liquid Coatings Market: Snapshot

The rising demand witnessed worldwide is a key factor supporting the growth of the global industrial liquid coatings market. For instance, the market will significantly gain from the expansion in the U.S. oil and gas sector. Furthermore, the rising use of industrial coatings in oil and gas transmission pipeline, besides various other equipment used in drilling process will create growth opportunities for the market in the coming years. As per recent studies, booming upstream activities, legislative support, and the rising investment in midstream sector will aid the expansion of the global liquid industrial coatings market between 2018 and 2028. Against this backdrop, rising capacities of crude oil production will subsequently fuel the demand for industrial liquid coatings.

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The industrial liquid coatings market is expected to witness attractive growth opportunities across emerging nations. For instance, rapid industrialization is projected to support the market in Asia Pacific. The market will be driven by the rising usage of industrial liquid coatings in oil and gas, food and beverages, energy, manufacturing, electronics, and other industries. Therefore, industrial development witnessed over the last few years has open growth avenues for the industrial liquid coatings market in Asia Pacific.

Overall, the industrial liquid coatings market is likely to witness high demand from automotive, general manufacturing, and mining industries. Also sharp growth of these industries over the last few years have bode well for the industrial liquid market. Other factors supporting the growth of the market in emerging nations are the availability of labor at a lower price and easy accessibility to raw materials. Therefore countries exhibiting growth in the manufacturing sector are likely to offer lucrative growth prospects to the industrial liquid coatings market.

On the downside, industrial liquid coatings release volatile organic compound, which has adverse impact on human and environmental health. In order to curb harmful emission governments across the world have implemented various stringent regulations. These regulations can restrain the industrial liquid coatings market to an extent.

Global Industrial Liquid Coatings Market: Overview

Liquid coatings can painted on thin layers and on any substrate, for example, plastic, wood, and so forth. These coatings give a smooth surface finish. Liquid coatings are broadly utilized in territories where high temperatures are common. Typically, the equipment utilized for applying liquid coatings are less expensive than powder coating gear. Liquid coatings likewise give noise control, erosion and chemical resistance. Liquid coatings have material effectiveness of around 35%. They give an aesthetically appealing look to the surface on which they are used and shield the surface from rust and harm, and scratches. In industrial use, liquid coatings are by and large used to make a uniform thickness of the paint layer. The coatings are utilized to give protection from consumption, UV rays, acids, oils and other kind of impurities that can weaken metal. The product is principally painted on different modern metal hardware, segments and pipelines.

The global report is based on the procurement, analysis, and exegesis of data on the industrial liquid coatings market collected from comprehensive sources. The competitive landscape section of the report provides a clear insight into the market share analysis of key industry players. The report gives and examination of the market competition that could be experienced by players. The report discusses possible market investigation strategies for new personals and business ways that present players could take. The report is a comprehensive examination of the industrial liquid coatings market, its drivers, challenges, and key trends that the market is anticipated to witness.

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Global Industrial Liquid Coatings Market: Key Trends

Soaring growth in the worldwide oil and gas industry combined with steady government approaches of rising economies to help production segment is a prime factor for the emergence of industrial liquid coatings market over the forecast period. The burgeoning construction activities and booming electronic industry in Asia Pacific, particularly in China, is evaluated to fuel the interest for industrial liquid coatings in the coming years.

Ecological issues identified with the VOC emanation from liquid coatings is expected to have an adverse effect on the development of the global industrial liquid coatings market. Solvents utilized in coatings are harmful, which could lead to implementation of stringent environmental regulations.

Global Industrial Liquid Coatings Market: Market Potential

Recently PPG Industries launched their complete solutions for industrial and intermodal applications, especially rails and trailers. These coatings are designed for the purpose of extending the service life of trailers, trucks and shipping containers, PPG Industries has engineered these products and aims to maximize the performance of its e-coat, liquid and powder coatings.

Liquid Coating manufacturers are increasingly coming up with paints and coatings that reflect heat rays away from buildings, making them heat resistant to some degree. Additionally, they have introduced innovative UV-cure products such as clearcoats that offer scratch and mar resistance. The amalgamation of novel technologies in industrial coatings is predicted to augur well for the industrial liquid coatings market.

Global Industrial Liquid Coatings Market: Regional Outlook

On the basis of geographical segmentation, the global industrial liquid coatings market has been segmented into-Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America currently holds a significant share of the overall industrial liquid coatings market. This could be attributed to the presence of a vast oil and gas industry along with a mature industrial sector in the region. Together, the U.S. and Canada are expected to make North America the largest energy pipeline network in the world. This is expected to foster the demand for industrial liquid coatings in the coming years, fuelling market growth.

Global Industrial Liquid Coatings Market: Competitive Landscape

The global industrial liquid coatings market is highly competitive and features a large pool of vendors. The market players are seen focusing on increasing their market shares and product portfolios by adopting strategies such as mergers and acquisitions. For an instance, In December 2016, Akzo Nobel completed the acquisition of BASF SE’s industrial coatings business.

Key vendors operating in the global industrial liquid coatings market are Nippon Paint Holdings, Hempel, PPG Industries, RPM International, and Kansai Paints, among several others.

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