Global Bio Decontamination Market: Overview

Decontamination is a process of deep cleansing to remove any kind of contamination such as micro-organisms and hazardous elements such as radioactive substances, infectious diseases, and chemicals. Bio decontamination involves the use of biological decontamination agents to clean the surroundings.

The main motive of bio decontamination is to put a check to spread of microorganisms and other hazardous contaminants that may put the health humans and animals at a risk. It is most commonly used across the medical sector. However, food processing, forensic science, and environmental science are also finding increasing use of bio decontamination in recent years.

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The report on the global bio decontamination market offers meaningful insights and information for the forecast period of 2018 to 2028. This report tries to cover all the prominent trends, drivers, technologies, and developments that are influencing the growth of the global bio decontamination market.

Global Bio Decontamination Market: Notable Developments

Some of the recent notable developments in the global bio decontamination market are listed below:

  • In January 2019, Ecolab Inc. announced the takeover of Bioquell Plc. Bioquell is a leading provider of the hydrogen peroxide vapor based bio decontamination services and systems for the healthcare and life sciences sector. The motive behind the takeover was to enhance the current portfolio of Ecolab Inc. and improve its overall operational efficiency. The takeover also helped in strengthening its presence across 170 countries around the world.
  • In 2018, Amria SRL launched a new integrated solution for bio decontamination. The solution was called COMBO. It offered simultaneous bio decontamination of different rooms separately. The system is innovative and is designed and customized with a view to deliver the best possible outcomes for the efficiency of production and comply with the specific needs of the customers.
  • In September 2017, STERIS, a leading company in the global bio decontamination market, announced the launch of a new product called STERIS VHP DC-A. This product is an atmospheric pass-through chamber used for material transfer. This chamber is designed for its use in the manufacturing of aseptic drugs and research lab facilities.

Some of the other prominent names in the global bio decontamination market include names such as TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc. (US), Fedegari Autoclavi SpA (Italy), Wenzhou Weike Biological Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. (China), Howorth Air Technology Limited (UK), JCE Biotechnology (France), and ClorDiSys Solutions Inc. (US) among others.

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Global Bio Decontamination Market: Drivers and Restraints

Given below are some of the key driving factor for the growth of the global bio decontamination market:

  • Growing demand for prevention of viral infection is one of the key driving factors for the growth of the global bio decontamination market. Routine cleaning helps in cutting down the risk of infection and maintains a safer environment.
  • In addition to this, strict government regulations and guidelines about using sterile and clean environment are acting as a catalyst for the growth of the global market.
  • Bio decontamination is also cost-effective with a lesser downtime for business operations. This is also an important factor for the growth of the global bio decontamination market.

Global Bio Decontamination Market: Regional Outlook

The global market is segmented into regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Of these, the global market is expected to be dominated by the Asia Pacific region over the course of the given forecast period of 2018 to 2028. This growth is primarily attributed to the growing number of clinics and hospitals, increasing population, and rising government initiatives to improve the healthcare infrastructure.

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