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Global cyclopentane market was valued US$ 224.98 Mn in 2017 and is estimated to reach US$ 380.4 Mn by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.01%.Cyclopentane market is segmented into function, application, and region. Based on application, cyclopentane market is classified into residential refrigerators, commercial refrigerators, heater, chemical solvent, and others. Residential refrigerators are estimated to hold the largest share of the cyclopentane market in forecast period due to a usage of existing blowing agent is estimated to phase out by 2030s and rising demand for residential refrigerators. On basis of function, cyclopentane market is divided by blowing agent & refrigerant, solvent & reagent, and others. Blowing agent & refrigerant will boost the cyclopentane market in forecast period due to lack of availability.Rising production of freezers & refrigerators, increasing demand for construction application, rising need of reduce emission of carbon dioxide, growing demand for resins for the production of coating and adhesives, growing the usage of cyclopentane as blowing agent & refrigerant, and increasing preference for environment friendly insulation material will boost the cyclopentane market in forecast period.

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Based on region, Asia Pacific is expected to hold the largest market of cyclopentane in forecast period due to rising demand from residential refrigerators and construction applications and low cost & easily row materials are available. Followed by North America, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

Key player’s studies, analyzed, profiled and benchmarked in cyclopentane market are Hatermann, Chevron Phillips, HPL, Pure Chem, YNCC, South Hampton resources, INEOS, LG Chememecial, BEACT, Maruzen Petrochemical, Meilong Cyclopentane Chemical, Puyanga Lianzhong Industrial Chemical, Jilin Beihua Fine Chemical, Liancheng Chemical, Ltd., DYMATIC Chemicals Inc., Liaoning Yufeng Chemical Co., SK Global Chemical, Teracora Resources, Merck & Co. Ltd, Haldia Petrochemicals Limited, ZEON Corporation, Exxon Mobil Corporatio, South Hampton Resources, and HCS Group.

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The Scope of Report Global Cyclopentane Market:

Global Cyclopentane Market, by Function:

Blowing agent & refrigerant

Solvent & reagent


Global Cyclopentane Market, by Application:

Residential refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators


Chemical Solvent


Global Cyclopentane Market, by Region:

North America


Asia Pacific

Middle East & Africa

Latin America

Key Players, Global Cyclopentane Market:


Chevron Phillips


Pure Chem


South Hampton resources


LG Chememecial


Maruzen Petrochemical

Meilong Cyclopentane Chemical

Puyanga Lianzhong Industrial Chemical

Jilin Beihua Fine Chemical

Liancheng Chemical


DYMATIC Chemicals Inc.

Liaoning Yufeng Chemical Co.

SK Global Chemical

Teracora Resources

Merck & Co. Ltd

Haldia Petrochemicals Limited

ZEON Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporatio

South Hampton Resources

HCS Group

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